Models are made available to the scientific community under licenses, which define the conditions under which the models, component models, and other software can be accessed and used. Most importantly, models are for scientific, and not for commercial use.

Models are available with no warranties or support!


Models are made available to members of a forum. To be a member of a forum, interested parties need to accept the license for the model in question. One of the main purposes of the license agreements and associated forums is to let us know who the models user community is, and establish a possibility for communicating with users. For this reason we have conditioned access to the model code upon agreement to become a member of a user forum for MPI-ESM or ICON-ESM.


ICON is available under two different licenses:

  • an institutional one tailored to institutes entering cooperation agreements with DWD, and
  • a personal non-commercial research ICON license for all persons interested in the model code.

More details on the licenses can be found here. By using ICON, the user accepts the individual license.
Click on the ICON-ESM Project serving as the ICON-ESM Users Forum. You need to register there, before you can have access to releases of ICON, or special versions of ICON codes, available upon request/agreement. By registering you accept the personal non-commercial research ICON license.


Click here for the MPI-ESM Users Forum. You need to register there, before you can have access to MPI-ESM codes. By registering you accept the MPI-ESM license version2.

Earlier versions

Archival (pre MPI-ESM) versions of the code are still available but subject to a different (earlier) licensing agreement.  If you are interested in accessing one of these archival versions please contact Reinhard Budich for more information.