Currently Independent Research Group

Minerva Fast Track Research Group
The Minerva Fast Track pilot project by the Chemistry, Physics & Technology Section gives outstanding female scientists the chance to plan their careers for the long term after completing their doctorates (more).

Cloud-wave coupling
Group Leader: Dr. Claudia Stephan
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Former Independent Research Groups

Emmy Noether Junior Research Groups
The Junior Research Group is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) within the Emmy-Noether Programme.

Fire in the Earth System
Group Leader: Dr. Sylvia Kloster
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Forest Management in the Earth System
Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz
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Minerva Research Group
In order to improve the promotion and working conditions of young female scientists in particular, the Senate of the Max Planck Society designed the Minerva Programme in 2007.

Stratosphere and Climate
Group Leader: Dr. Elisa Manzini
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Max Planck Research Groups
Since 1969 the Max Planck Society has been supporting gifted young scientists and researchers through its Max Planck Research Groups, which run for a limited period of time.

Sea Ice in the Earth System
Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Dirk Notz
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Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System
Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Juan Pedro Mellado
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