Ongoing PhD studies related to ocean systems and processes

Alastrue de Asenjo, EduardoInfluence of oceanic variations on extreme events over Europe
Andernach, MalenaIs the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet reversible?
Behncke, JacquelineQuantifying the added value and rate of improvement of underway pCO2 data from sailboats
Beobide Arsuaga, GoratzLinking Atlantic seasonal climate variability to heatwave occurrence over Europe
Burt, DanielOcean carbon and nutrient cycles and their interaction with climate during the Permian-Triassic transition
Carnier Casaroli, LucasEffects of Ocean Mesoscale Processes on Biogeochemistry
Fan, HongdouThe Co-variations and Initializations of Temperature and Salinity in the North Atlantic Ocean Circulation
Hellmich, LaraSub-Decadal Variability of European Summer Heat Extremes
Henry, ClaraNumerical ice-sheet modelling in coastal Antarctica
Karvinen, MikaelTropical cyclones in a warmer world
Kourkouraidou, ZoiScattering and Refraction of Low-Mode Internal Tides by Interaction with Mesoscale Eddies
Krieger, DanielDecadal Predictions of Risks and Probabilities of Compound Events
Liu, QuanOcean-atmosphere interactions and their links to weather patterns, teleconnections and climate extremes over the northern hemisphere
Mayer, BjoernThe sensitivity of the AMOC in Earth System Models based on Machine Learning
Rapanague Sepulveda, Maria JesusMechanisms driving variability in Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
Reinken, ConstanzeUpscaling High-Latitude Land Processes from Micro-scale to Meso-scale
Ritschel, MarkusThe role of sea ice for the global carbon cycle
Salinas Matus, MarianaEddy-induced heat, carbon, and oxygen transports in the Southern ocean
Schanz, TobiasQuantifying Forecast Uncertainties with Neural Networks
Specht, Mia SophieOcean-atmosphere variability of the Tropical Atlantic in high-resolution ICON model simulations
Ssebandeke, JohnQuantifying aspects of ocean?s energetics using eddy-resolving simulations
Zinchenko, VadimModel-Driven Machine Learning


Completed PhD studies related to ocean systems and processes


IMPRS-ESM alumni hold a Dr. rer. nat. from the Department of Earth Sciences.

Ramme, LennartSnowball Earth Aftermath: Ocean Dynamics and Carbon Cycling under Extreme Greenhouse Conditions
Giesse, CelineCan seasonal climate predictability over Europe be improved by (better) taking into account Arctic sea-ice variability?
Carvalho Oliveira, JuliannaSeasonal and decadal climate prediction in the North Atlantic with Machine Learning Methods
Rohrschneider, TimA different view on the AMOC and the timing of climate change
Kumar, ArjunSubannual tropical and subtropical atmosphere-ocean interactions
Marcolino Nielsen, DavidArctic coastal erosion in the Earth system under changing climate
Spring, AaronVariability and Predictability in the Carbon Cycle
Kroenert, LukasOn the representation of eddies in a numerical ocean model - numerics and subgridscale closure
Erokhina, OlgaEffect of icebergs on the simulated deglacial climate changes
Koul, VimalTowards the decadal prediction of shelf-sea marine ecosystems
Keppler, LydiaVariability in Southern Ocean stratification and vertical transport based on observations in a changing climate
Lang, AndreasEffect of long-term variability in the North Atlantic realm on the statistics of extreme storm surges in the North Sea
Lueschow, VeitAtlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) of an eddying ocean and its response to an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration
Neddermann, NeleMultidecadal variations in seasonal predictability of European summer temperature
Burgard, ClaraUnderstanding biases in large-scale sea-ice simulations
Suarez Gutierrez, LauraInternal Variability in European Heat Waves
Milinski, SebastianTropical Atlantic variability on interannual to multi-decadal time scales and ist remote impacts
Borchert, LeonardLinking the predictability of oceanic heat transport and surface temperatures in the North Atlantic
Olonscheck, DirkDrivers of Sea Ice Variability
Chouksey, ManitaDissipation of meso-scale eddies
Paulsen, HannaOcean biogeochemical feedbacks in the Earth system
Klockmann, MarleneThe glacial AMOC
Hedemann, ChristopherOcean heat uptake and climate sensitivity
Ferrer Gonzales, MiriamMitigation potential and side effects of ocean alkalinity enhancement for climate change and ocean acidification
Ghosh, RohitThe potential role of decadal climate processes (such as for the North Atlantic circulation) for seasonal forecasts
Salameh, JosianeClimate dynamics of a slowly rotating aquaplanet
Moreno Chamarro, EduardoClimate and ocean variability during the last millennium in paleo-observations and Earth system model simulations
Ackmann, JanError Estimation Algorithms for ocean models
Tian, FangxingEffects of coupling frequency on climate simulated by a coupled AO-GCM
Li, ZhuhuaInternal tides simulated by a 1/10? OGCM
Mielke, CharlotteObserved and simulated variability of the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation
Heinze, MathiasReconstructing the ocean carbon cycle & its interactions with climate during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Rimac, AntonijaThe role of wind-induced inertial oscillations on the energetics of the ocean
Broehan, DavidAnalysis of Arctic Sea-Icea Leads from Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer
Popp, Max Thomas GillesClimate instabilities under strong solar forcing
Griewank, PhilippA 1D model study of brine dynamics in sea ice
Maass, NinaRemote sensing of sea ice thickness using SMOS data
Ziemen, FlorianGlacial climate variability
Grimm, RosinaSimulating the early Holocene eastern Mediterranean sapropel formation using an ocean biogeochemical model
Ambadan, JaisonEvaluation of stochastic kinetic energy backscatter in the GME ensemble prediction system
Dueben, PeterFinite element methods, grid refinement, and boundary currents in geophysical modeling
Winkelmann, RicardaThe future sea-level contribution from Antarctica: Projections of solid ice discharge
Exarchou, EleftheriaTidal mixing and large-scale circulation
Tietsche, SteffenInitialization and predictability of Arctic sea ice in a global climate model
Krapp, MarioMiddle Miocene climate evolution: The role of large-scale ocean circulation and ocean gateways
Adloff, FannyEarly Holocene Eastern Mediterranean ocean climate and the stability of its overturning circulation
Rauser, FlorianError estimation in geophysical fluid dynamics through learning
Fischer, NilsHolocene and Eemian climate variability
Hernandez Decker, DanielWarming up the atmosphere's heat engine: Atmospheric energetics with higher greenhouse gas concentrations
Voigt, AikoSnowball Earth - Initiation and hadley cell dynamics
Chidichimo, Maria PazEastern-boundary baroclinic variability and the meridional overturning circulation at 26.5N
Koldunov, NikolayVariability of arctic sea ice
Bhend, JonasDetection of an anthropogenic influence on the observed changes in near-surface temperature and precipitation in Northern Europe
Sicardi, ValentinaUsing atmospheric potential oxygen to gain insight into climate drivers of ocean biogeochemistry
Heinemann, MalteWarm and sensitive Paleocene-Eocene climate
Seiffert, RitaImpact of small-scale fluctuations on climate sensitivity and its stochastic analysis
Huenicke, BirgitAtmospheric forcing of decadal Baltic Sea level variability in the last 200 years: A statistical analysis
Winterfeldt, JoergComparison of measured and simulated wind speed data in the North Atlantic
Landerer, FelixSea level and hydrological mass redistribution in the Earth system: Variability and anthropogenic change
Matei, DanielaPacific decadal variability: Internal variability and sensitivity to subtropics
Zhu, XiuhuaLow frequency variability of the meridional overturning circulation
Li, QianLong-term stability and adjustment toward equilibrium in a future warm climate
Weis, PhilippOcean tides and the Earth's rotation - Results of a high-resolving ocean model forced by the lunisolar tidal potential
Vizcaino, MirenLong-term interactions between ice sheets and climate under anthropogenic greenhouse forcing - Simulations with two complex Earth System Models
Schurgers , GuyLong-term interactions between vegetation and climate - Model simulations for past and future
Gaslikowa, LidiaHigh-resolution wave climate analysis in the Helgoland area
Woth, KatjaRegionalization of global climate change scenarios: An ensemble study of possible changes in the North Sea storm surge statistics
Grossmann, IrisFuture perspectives for the Lower Elbe region2000-2030: Climate trends and globalisation
Wetzel, PatrickInterannual and decadal variability in the air-sea exchange of CO2 - A model study