PhD candidates studying the ocean in the Earth system

IMPRS-ESM doctoral candidates are either affiliated with the department ‘The Ocean in the Earth System’ (OES) of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) or with the ‘Institute of Oceanography’ (IfM) of the Universität Hamburg (UHH).


'B' in the address indicates a room at Bundesstrasse 53.

Phone Hamburg in Germany: 0049 40 - XXX

Beobide Arsuaga, Goratzgoratz.beobide-arsuaga@mpimet.mpg.deClimate Modeling Group (IfM)42837 7481B337
Burt, Danieldaniel.burt@mpimet.mpg.deBiogeochemistry research 41173 193B117
Carvalho Oliveira, Juliannajulianna.carvalho@hzg.dePaleoclimate and Coastal Impacts04152 87 1824HZG
Giesse, C?lineceline.giesse@mpimet.mpg.deClimate Modeling Group (IfM)42838 7469 B339
Hellmich, Laralara.hellmich@mpimet.mpg.deDecadal Climate Prediction (MiKlip)41173 205B227
Henry, Claraclara.henry@mpimet.mpg.deOcean Physics41174 245B124
Krieger, Danieldaniel.krieger@hzg.deCoastal Climate04152 87 1559HZG
Kumar, Arjunarjun.kumar@mpimet.mpg.deDirector?s Research Group (OES)41173 280B122
Marcolino Nielsen, Daviddavid.nielsen@mpimet.mpg.deClimate Modeling Group (IfM)42836 7469B339
Mayer, Bjoernbjoern.mayer@mpimet.mpg.deClimate Modeling Group (IfM)42837 7481B337
Ramme, Lennartlennart.ramme@mpimet.mpg.deDirector?s Research Group (OES)41174 193B117
Ritschel, Markusmarkus.ritschel@mpimet.mpg.deSea ice - UHH, Dirk Notz42838 6518B240
Rohrschneider, Timtim.rohrschneider@mpimet.mpg.deDirector?s Research Group (OES)41173 245B124
Specht, Mia Sophiemia-sophie.specht@mpimet.mpg.deDirector?s Research Group (OES)41173 168B318
Ssebandeke, Johnjohn.ssebandeke@mpimet.mpg.deOcean Statistics41174 168B168