PhD candidates studying the terrestrial systems

IMPRS-ESM doctoral candidates are either affiliated with the department The Land in the Earth System (LES) of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology or with the Physical Meteorology of the Meteorological Institute, or the Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change, both of the University of Hamburg.


'G' in the address indicates a room in the 'Geomatikum', Bundesstrasse 55,

'S' guides you to the offices at Schäferkampsallee 29.

Phone Hamburg in Germany: 0049 40 - XXX



NameEmailResearch GroupPhoneAddress
Abis, Beniamino Climate-Biogeosphere Interaction41173 353G1413
Egerer, Sabine Director's Research Group (Land)41173 264G1721
Groner, Vivienne Director's Research Group (Land)41173 126G1713
Hansen, Akio Atmospheric Measurements / Process Modelling42838 5158G1632
Heidkamp, Marvin Boundary layer measurements & modelling41173 274S1.13
Kalidindi, Sirisha Global Vegetation Modelling41173 110G1710
Lemburg, Alexander Director's Research Group (Land)41173 254G1727
Mayer, Dorothea Forest Management in the Earth System41173 126G1713
Mendonça, Guilherme Climate and vegetation41173 110G1710
Nyawira, Sylvia Sarah Forest Management in the Earth System41173 260G1728
Wey, Hao-wei Forest Management in the Earth System41173 218G1712
Winckler, Johannes Forest Management in the Earth System41173 110G1710
Winkler, Alexander Climate-Biogeosphere Interactions41173 542G1704