Ongoing PhD research studying the human dimension

Ratzke, LeonieAssessment of ecosystem services in estuaries and urban areas
Schaumann, FelixEssays on the Potentials and Limitations of Integrated Assessment Models of Climate Change


Completed PhD research studying the human dimension


IMPRS-ESM alumni hold either a Dr. rer. nat. from the Department of Earth Sciences or a Dr. rer. pol. from the Department of Economics.

Mueller, AnkeBiodiversity conservation in Europe - reaching targets through systematic planning and economic incentives
Flach, RafaelaTowards an Improved Framework for Assessment of Feedbacks and Impacts from Land Use Change in the Global Water System
Roshan, ElnazCost-risk analysis of solar radiation management
Bruns, HendrikEnvironmental Policy: How context affects behavior
Belaia, MariiaModelling tipping points in an integrated assessment of climate change
Cremades Rodeja, RogerAssessment of policy and climate variability impacts on food, water and energy in the Asian monsoon region under diverse adaptation scenarios
Trapp, NatalieEconomic impacts of climate change and weather extremes on the European agricultural sector
Neubersch, DelfValue of Information under Climate Targets: an Application of Cost-Risk Analysis
Glanemann, NicoleAn Economic Analysis of the Issues and Challenges in Climate Policy Decision Making
Choi, Hyung SikA stochastic model for options and strategies for the Spanish agricultural sector under climate change
Schubert, SebastianDevelopment and evaluation of a double-canyon urban canopy scheme, and estimation of urban heat island mitigation effects
Weerasinghe, WMT HarshiDesigning a dynamically integrated water management scheme as an adaptation strategy for global change induced water stress
Freier, KorbinianModeling alternative land-use regimes in semi-arid Morocco - assessment of perspectives in a changing environment
Fader, MarianelaFlows of virtual land and water through global trade of agricultural products
Calzadilla, AlvaroWater, agriculture and climate change: A global computable general equilibrium analysis
Beringer, TimEarth system dynamics in the Anthropocene: Modelling key processes of climate-human interactions in the terrestrial biosphere
Sauer, TimmIrrigation and global change - new applications for integrated global land use modeling
Jantke, KerstinSystematic conservation planning in Europe ? the case of wetland biodiversity
Gupta, ShaliniA modeling analysis of changing global land use as affected by changing demands for wood products
Anthoff, DavidEquity and climate change
Osmani, DritanStability and burden sharing emissions in international environmental agreements: A game-theoretic approach
Lessmann, KaiEndogenous technological change in strategies for mitigating climate change
Schleupner, ChristineGIS as integrating tool in sustainability and global change
Link, PeterModeling the economic impacts of changes in thermohaline circulation with an emphasis on the Barents Sea fisheries
Schwoon, MalteManaging the transition to hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles - Insights from agent-based and evolutionary models
Ronneberger, KerstinThe global agricultural land use model KLUM - A coupling tool for integrated assessment
Zhou, YuanEconomic analysis of selected environmental issues in China
Zandersen, MarianneValuing forest recreation in europe: Time and spatial considerations
Jung, MartinaCarbon sequestration options in the international climate policy
Zuo, Xinjuan (Jessica)Annual hard frosts and economic growth