Ongoing PhD studies related to atmospheric systems and processes

Bayley, ClaraDevelopment of the Superdroplet Model and Understanding its Uncertainties and Influence in Global Climate Simulations
Campos, HernanTropical low cloud feedbacks in storm resolving simulations (tentative)
Ding, HairuFactors influencing the subtropical high-pressure zones in the present and changing climate
Dorff, HenningClouds and Precipitation in Arctic Atmospheric Rivers at the Hectometer Scale using HALO and ICON
Franke, HenningThe quasi-biennial oscillation in a warming climate
Gnanaraj, AbishaDistribution of Humidity in the Tropics
Guenther, MoritzVolcanic radiative forcing, climate sensitivity and atmospheric feedbacks
Hemshorn de Sanchez, Anna LuisaThe complex interactions between land cover change and climate variability at the global scale
Morfa Avalos, YanmichelNumerical investigations of the two-way interactions between convection and atmospheric waves
Peinado Bravo, AngelConvergence of the simulated tropical convergence zone and ist reponse to climate change with resolution
Pistor, RaphaelMicrophysical effects in stratocumulus and their dependence on the structure and dynamics of the subtropical highs
Radtke, JuleOn the organization of shallow convection and its link to precipitation
Roemer, FlorianRadiation Spectrum and Atmospheric Circulation
Sharma, ShivaniParameterization of cloud microphysics using Machine Learning
Schmidt, LucaPrecipitation over tropical islands
Strigunova, IanaScale-dependent dynamics of extreme events in a changing climate
Thazhissery PavananThe impacts of changes in climate extremes on human capital and socio-economic development over time
Vicari, RobertThe coupling between wave- and convection fields on sub-kilometer to mesoscales
Winkler, MariusBoundary layer wind balances and their influence on equatorial sea-surface temperatures
Yoon, ArimAmazon rainforest tipping point


Completed PhD studies related to atmospheric systems and processes


IMPRS-ESM alumni hold a Dr. rer. nat. from the Department of Earth Sciences.

Lang, TheresaProcesses influencing the distribution of upper tropospheric humidity and clouds in the tropics
Kroll, ClarissaUnderstanding the volcanic impact on stratospheric water vapor and the hydrological cycle
Prange, MarcElevated Moist Layers - Exploring a Blind Spot in the Global Satellite Observing System to Advance Satellite Humidity Retrievals
Keil, PaulThe role of the tropical tropospheric stratification for global circulation and ist representation in climate models
Kirsch, BastianIlluminating convective cold pools with a dense station network
Paccini Pena, LauraSensitivity of resolved convection in the Atlantic Basin to modes of Atlantic SST variability
Schulz, HaukeMesoscale organization of shallow convection in the Trades
Mieslinger, TheresaTesting Ideas on Shallow Convection to Constrain Climate Sensitivity
Finn, TobiasAdvancing nonlinear methods for data assimilation at the cross-compartemental interface between atmospheric boundary layer and land surface
Kluft, LukasBenchmark Calculations of the Climate Sensitivity of Radiative Convective Equilibrium
Hansen, AkioIdentifying the added value of large eddy resolving regional climate simulation using ICON HiRes simulation
Dacie, SallyUnderstanding effects of climate change on the tropopause and ist potential feedback
Jimenez de la Cuesta Otero, DiegoHistorical warming and climate sensitivity
Fodor, KatherineConvection Cells in the Planetary Boundary Layer: Origin and Reduced Modeling
Li, CathyAtmospheric Chemistry Reactions in a Turbulent Flow: Application to an Urban Environment
Haufschild, TobiasStratospheric controls on northern hemispheric storm tracks
Schulz, BernhardThe role of wind shear in the entrainment zone of stratocumulus
Haghshenas, ArminWind effects on the structure and dynamics of the convective boundary layer
Mueller, SebastianTropical dynamics: Role of deep convection in wave generation
Vissio, GabrieleStatistical mechanical models of convection: a multiscale approach
Galfi, VeraExtreme events in different atmospheric models
Cioni, GuidoImpact of soil moisture on the triggering of convection and ensuing precipitation
Becker, TobiasOn the interaction of precipitating convection and the large scale environment
Vogel, RaphaelaThe role of precipitation in the heat budget of the trades
Meraner, KatharinaClimate effects of energetic particle precipitation
Van Stratum, BartThe influence of misrepresenting the nocturnal boundary layer on daytime convection in large-eddy simulation
Flaeschner, DagmarIntermodel spread in global and tropical precipitation changes
Siongco, Angela CheskaDrivers of Precipitation Biases in the Tropical Atlantic Sector
Ansorge, CedrickAnalyses of turbulence in the neutrally and stably stratified planetary boundary layer
Park, Jong-YeonWest African Monsoon Rainfall in a Warming Climate
Keitzl, ThomasTurbulent Enhancement of the Melt Rate at an Ice-Ocean Interface
Schubert, SebastianQuasi-Geostrophic Model of the Atmosphere: Instabilities and Feedbacks
Bittner, MatthiasOn the discrepancy between observed and simulated dynamical response of Northern Hemisphere winter climate to large tropical volcanic eruptions
Sakradzija, MirjanaA stochastic parameterization of shallow cumulus convection for high-resolution numerical weather prediction and climate models
Naumann, Ann KristinCloud structures and rain formation in the atmospheric boundary layer
Rieck, MalteThe role of heterogeneities and land-atmosphere interactions in the development of moist convection
Schirber, SebastianTropical waves and their sources
Pithan, FelixOn the role of stably stratified turbulence in the climate system
Garcia, Jade RacheleNumerical study of the convective boundary layer
Bhattacharya, RitthikA two Turbulence Kinetic Energy Model for the Scale Adaptive Treatment of the Planetary Boundary Layer
Lonitz, KatrinSusceptibility of trade wind cumulus clouds to precipitation
Schemann, VeraTowards a scale aware cloud process parameterization for global climate models
Krismer, ThomasWave-mean flow interactions driving the quasi-biennial oscillation in ECHAM6
Remedio, Armelle RecaConnections between the mesoscale convective systems and the regional scale flows in South America
Cheedela, Suvarchal KumarSingle column models and low cloud feedbacks
Bunzel, FelixNumerical studies of stratosphere-troposphere dynamical coupling in a changing climate
Radermacher, ChristineCauses for regional changes in heavy precipitation over Europe
Sudarchikova, NataliaModeling of mineral dust in the Southern Hemisphere with focus on Antarctica for interglacial and glacial climate conditions
Li, ChaoClimatology analysis of planetary wave propagation in northern hemisphere winter
Misios, StergiosInfluences of the 11-year solar cycle on the tropical atmosphere and oceans
C. (Chellappan), SeethalaEvaluating the state-of-the-art of and errors in 1D satellite cloud liquid water path retrievals with large eddy simulations and realistic radiative transfer models
Moebis, BenjaminFactors controlling the position of the inter-tropical convergence zone on an aquaplanet
Peters, KarstenShip emission influence on clouds in satellite and model data
Saeed, SajjadRelative contribution of the mid-latitude circumglobal wave train to the South Asian summer monsoon
Miller, LeeLimits and consequences of the large-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies
Klocke, DanielAssessing the uncertainty in climate sensitivity
Nam, ChristineUsing Calipso and CloudSat satellite retrievals to evaluate low-level cloud parameterizations in ECHAM5 for cloud-climate feedback implications
Weber, TorstenImpact of Inhomogeneities on non-linear cloud processes
Riemann-Campe, KathrinCan convective precipitation variability be deduced from the variability in CAPE and CIN? An analysis of global CAPE and CIN variability in present and future climates
Gehlot, SwatiFeedbacks between convection and climate: Analysis with global modeling and satellite observations
Ross, OleSimulation of atmospheric krypton-85 transport to assess the detectability of clandestine nuclear reprocessing
O'Donnell, DeclanTowards the assessment of the climate effects of secondary organic aerosols
Teichmann, ClaasClimate and air pollution modelling in South America with focus on megacities
Sillmann, JanaExtreme climate events and Euro-Atlantic atmospheric blocking in present and future climate simulations
Wan, HuiDeveloping and testing a hydrostatic atmospheric dynamical core on triangular grids
Santos, GabrielaThe effect of halogens on global tropospheric ozone
Punge, Heinz JuergenThe quasi-biennial oscillation: Representation in numerical models and effects on stratospheric transport and trace gases
Banse, DorotheaThe influence of aerosols on North Atlantic cyclones
Thomas, ManuSimulation of the climate impact of Mt. Pinatubo eruption using ECHAM5
Heil, AngelikaIndonesian forest and peat fires: Emission, air quality, and human health
Pfeffer, MelissaThe relative influences of volcanic and anthropogenic emissions on air pollution in Indonesia as studied with a regional atmospheric chemistry and climate model
Aghedo, AdetutuThe impact of African air pollution: A global chemistry climate model study
Kotlarski, SvenA subgrid glacier parameterisation for use in regional climate modelling
Hoelzemann, JudithGlobal wildland fire emission modeling for atmospheric chemistry studies
Kloster, SilviaDMS cycle in the ocean-atmosphere system and its response to anthropogenic pertubations
Cui, XuefengThe impact of African air pollution: A global chemistry climate model study
Devasthale, AbhayAerosol indirect effect in the thermal spectral range as seen from satellites
Stier, PhilipTowards the assessment of the aerosol radiative effects - A global modelling approach