PhD candidates studying the atmospheric systems

IMPRS-ESM doctoral candidates are either affiliated with the department ‘The Atmosphere in the Earth system’ (AES) of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) or with the ‘Meteorological Institute’ of the Universität Hamburg (UHH).


'B' in the address indicates a room at Bundesstrasse 53, 

'GB' indicates a room in the building at Grindelberg 5.

Phone Hamburg in Germany: 0049 40 - XXX



NameEmailResearch GroupPhoneAddress
Dacie, Sally Global circulation and climate group41173 388B419
Finn, Tobias Atmospheric Measurements / Process Modelling42838 6721G1628
Fodor, Katherine Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System41173 207B430
George, Geet Tropical Cloud Observation41173 207B430
Hansen, Akio Atmospheric Measurements / Process Modelling42838 5158G1632
Jiménez de la Cuesta Otero, Diego Global Circulation and Climate41173 386B429
Keil, Paul Global Circulations and Climate41173 386B429
Kirsch, Bastian Model verification and diagnostics42838 5158G1632
Kluft, Lukas Radiation and Remote Sensing (MI)42838 8122G1531
Kroll, Clarissa Stratospheric Forcing and Climate41174 388B419
Lang, Theresa Drivers of tropical circulation41173 183B412
McKinnon-Gray, Elliot Drivers of Tropical Circulation (MI)42838 9207G4012
Mieslinger, Theresa Radiation and Remote Sensing (MI)42838 8122G1531
Morfa Avalos, Yanmichel Cloud-Wave Coupling41173 147B424
Paccini Pena, Laura Precipitating Convection41173 183B412
Prange, Marc EUREC4A Moist Layer42838 8120G1527
Radtke, Jule Clouds and tropical circulation42838 8120G1527
Schulz, Hauke Tropical Cloud Observations41173 183B412
Strigunova, Iana Theoretical Meteorology42838 5069GB406