* Atmosphere:

  • PhD projects related to the application of global-storm resolving models to studies of air-sear interaction, tropical convection and variability, cloud controlling factors -- including their changes with global warming -- land surface interactions, or fine-scale processes, including cloud microphysics, on the structure of the upper troposphere, are offered.
  • The department maintains an active observational program and PhD projects emphasizing the application of field campaign data (e.g., from EUREC4A or the forthcoming BOW-TIE ITCZ study) to such questions are likewise offered.

Specific projects, including a mutually beneficial advising arrangement within one of the Department’s working groups, will be developed with the prospective candidate. To guide this process, candidates are asked to indicate a general area of interest, whether that be topical or methodological, and explain this interest in the context of their letter of motivation and the structure of the department.