* Topics in the Dept. "The Atmosphere in the Earth System" (AES) at MPI-M

AES is looking for motivated PhD candidates with an interest in:

1. How does the distribution of clouds and moisture influence the structure and dynamics of the Atlantic intertropical convergence zone? (2 positions)

2. How do basic properties of water (like the absolute value of saturation humidity) influence the climate of Earth and Earth-like planets? (1 position)

3. Numerical methods and approximations for accurate and consistent representations of moist atmospheres (1 position)

Successful applications for Project 1 will help collect and use measurements in a forthcoming aircraft and ship-based field campaign (EC-TOOC) over the tropical Atlantic in Aug-Sep 2024.  
Project 3 requires an interest in applied mathematics and atmopsheric thermodynamics.

Supervisory relationships will be tailored to the specific projects and, in addition to the senior scientific staff of the department, may involve external expertise or collaboration -
(e.g., with Dr. Raphaela Vogel, Universität Hamburg, in the case of Project 1;
with Prof. Jonathan Mitchell, UCLA, in the case of Project 2;
with Dr. habil, Peter Korn, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Dept. The Ocean in the Earth System), in the case of Project 3). 

Unsolicited applications stimulated by the work of any of the working groups within the Department are also encouraged.

Specific projects, including a mutually beneficial advising arrangement within one of the Department’s working groups, will be developed with the prospective candidate. All candidates are asked to speak to their specific research interests in their letter of motivation.