Social events

The IMPRS-ESM office occasionally organises social events, such as the winter time ‘curly cale’ tour along the banks of the Elbe river. The office strives to assist doctoral candidates who are organising social activities with their peers such as e.g. board game evenings at the institute.

Recruitment of new PhD candidates

Each year the IMPRS-ESM office organizes the School’s worldwide call for applications. Roughly 6-10 PhD positions are advertised each year. IMPRS-ESM runs open recruitments, and interested early-career scientists apply because of their scientific interests in Earth system sciences and modelling. Our selection committee is looking for candidates whose academic interests and credentials suit the IMPRS-ESM scientific goals best. Specific research topics will be discussed only with candidates that successfully pass the selection procedures. Each admission entails financial support for PhD candidates.

A few memberships are awarded to young scientists who have joined research projects of one of the partner institutes of IMPRS-ESM and receive funding by third parties. These young scientists may apply to IMPRS-ESM upon individual basis though they must fulfill similar selection criteria to that which IMPRS-ESM applies in the annual recruitment.

Financial support for doctoral candidates

IMPRS-ESM offers doctoral contracts to applicants who successfully pass the selection process. The amount of financial support is sufficient to live from in Hamburg. Financial support is available for 3-year terms only. The office manages all issues related to financial support of doctoral candidates.

Getting started with your doctoral term

The IMPRS-ESM office assists newly recruited doctoral candidates to get started with their doctoral endeavour. Special attention is given to the assistance of foreign candidates, who may need to arrange for a visa before travelling to Germany, get residency in the City of Hamburg, a bank account, health insurance, and so forth. Newly admitted candidates may call upon office support when looking for accommodation and finding their path through the University’s administrative jungle.

Academic supervision

All IMPRS-ESM doctoral candidates follow the Advisory Panel system. The office oversees an early setup of individual Panels and supervises the routine throughout the term of a doctoral study. Experience shows that the Advisory Panel system ensures best possible support and academic supervision for our doctoral candidates. However, the candidate's success requires that they actively use the opportunities which our supervisory system provides.

Academic training

All IMPRS-ESM courses, summer schools and retreats are arranged and organised with help of the office. The office staff maintain the IMPRS-ESM academic calendar.

The Executive Committee approves proposed new academic training opportunities and the office organises the necessary steps including course evaluation and certificates for successful participation.

Travelling support

All business travelling – national and international - which doctoral candidates undertake using financial support of IMPRS-ESM must be arranged in close cooperation with the IMPRS-ESM office staff. This includes the preparation for trips and post-travel administrative processing.

General academic support

The IMPRS-ESM office serves as link between doctoral candidates and the academic staff, acting as first address for PhD candidates' academic training questions, wishes and complaints. The office supports IMPRS-ESM PhD representatives to fulfil their role as spokespersons of the doctoral candidates and also supports external academic contacts for example to the Max Planck PhDnet.