Executive Committee

The IMPRS-ESM Executive Committee (ExeCom) provides scientific direction to the School and the Coordinator. The ExeCom makes all appropriate decisions regarding the School affairs, such as the selection of doctoral candidates and the invitation of guests, the organisation of courses and retreats. The ExeCom monitors quality and timely progress of individual doctoral studies, as well as the advanced academic training followed by each doctoral candidate during the doctoral term. The ExeCom takes responsibility for the School's financial decisions and represents the School to the outside.

Representatives of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and the cooperating partner institutes of the Universität Hamburg (Institute for Meteorology, Institute of Oceanography, Institute for Economy, and the Research Unit for Sustainability and Global Change). The Head of the School is a Director of the MPI-M, the Deputy Head is a Professor of the participating UHH Faculties. The ExeCom delegates tasks to the Head of the IMPRS-ESM as it deems appropriate.



Prof. Dr. Martin Claussen

Email:        martin.claussen@we dont want spammpimet.mpg.de

Phone:      +49 (0)40 41173 - 225

Secretary: +49 (0)40 41173 - 226

Fax:           +49 (0)40 41173 - 350

Room:       Geomatikum, 16. floor, no 1719

Mailing Address

Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie
Bundesstraße 53
20146 Hamburg


Deputy Head of IMPRS-ESM

Prof. Dr. Johanna Baehr                                           

Email:         johanna.baehr@we dont want spamuni-hamburg.de

Phone:       +49 40 42838-7736

Fax:           +49 40 42838-7471

Room:        Bundesstrasse, no 343


Mailing Address

Universität Hamburg
Bundesstr. 53
20146 Hamburg