Scientific Programming Workshop

Designing and programming the software for earth system modeling is a joint effort. At the MPI-M programmers and scientists from three departments and a central infrastructure group (CIMD) contribute to this effort by writing and committing code constantly. In the past it has shown that one of the major cause of problems with program code is the missing knowledge or awareness for structuring program code. Thoroughly structured code has many advantages e.g. when searching for bugs or getting it reviewed by colleagues, especially in big software projects like our earth system models.
We want to give our PhD-candidates the opportunity to peer review their code while under supervision by senior programmers from the Scientific Computing Laboratory (SCLab).

This workshop will be a carried out on 3 consecutive days.
The first two days of the workshop will be used to review the code by analyzing another participants code and presenting their review to the group. The goal of this review is to understand the code by analyzing its structure.
The Second half of days 1 & 2 is reserved for peer & pair programming on a given example (taken from our model development) and for discussion of suggested code improvements in the plenum. The goal here is to do a "hands on" session under supervision and also to introduce the concept of pair programming.
Day 3 of the workshop is used to try and include the code review into your code and present your findings, ideas and changes to the plenum.

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