S_73 Parameterizing moist processes in atmospheric models

Atmospheric models aim at predicting the evolution of the atmospheric flow based on basic physical laws. However not all of the relevant atmospheric processes can be explicitly represented by such laws, and some of them need to be parameterized.

This lecture series dwells into this world of parameterizations with a special emphasis on the parameterization of moist processes. The lecture series is made of a theoretical and of a practical part. In the theoretical part the following topics will be addressed:

- Introduction to parameterization
- Boundary layer scheme
- Convection scheme
- Cloud cover scheme
- Interaction cloud-radiation
- Microphysics

The practical part is made of four computer exercises covering following topics:

- Performing idealized simulations with ICON
- Modifying ICON parameterizations (convection, cloud cover, interaction cloud-radiation)
- Testing/Understanding effects

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