S_63 Introduction to Turbulence

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of turbulent flows. The course will focus on the physical processes involved in turbulence and turbulent mixing under different general conditions. The aim is twofold. First, to provide the students with the background necessary for more advanced and specific literature on the topic. Second, to familiarise the students with the main ideas behind common turbulence parameterisations (Reynolds-Averaged, Navier-Stokes or Large-Eddy Simulations), so as to be able to interpret the corresponding results and to adapt those models to specific needs. The course will mainly be structured around the first part of the textbook ”Turbulent Flows”, by S. Pope (Cambridge University Press, 2000). A few other sources will be used as needed to extend selected topics.

The course will consist of 1 weekly lecture during one semester. The students are assumed to have a background in Fluid Mechanics and the corresponding mathematics. Lecture notes will be provided as pdf-file.

IMPRS-ESM awards two credit points for successful participation.

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