Advanced scientific writing

This workshop’s aim is to aid PhD candidates in practical matters of structure, technique, and process of scientific writing. Different from a lecture-style course, participants are expected to actively partake as the workshop focuses primarily on the their own written work.

Participants are expected to submit some written work, either complete or in progress. Further, all doctoral candidates will need to read and be prepared to discuss constructively the style and content of their classmates’ work. This structure affords the opportunity to see exactly what aspects of someone’s work need elaboration and to address them specifically. This will range from matters of English usage to the broader matters of form and structure. Further, the workshop aims to offering a practical writing methodology which entails the separation, while in progress, of style from content in order to ultimately meld the two aspects in a seamless whole.

A piece of writing, no matter its conventions and intended audience, seldom fails because of poor grammar or clumsy usage. Writing problems are most often “thinking” problems. The workshop will focus, therefore, on formulating an intellectual/ literary process that, with practice, doctoral candidates can apply to future professional writing.


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