Marketing for Scientists

Session I.  Modern Marketing for Scientists (90 minutes):

Most scientists know they need to market their work—what does that really mean?  In this workshop, we’ll talk about marketing, sales, and branding: what those concepts mean in the business world and what they mean to us scientists.  Students will brainstorm brand names and selling points for their work and practice starting conversations about their research. How can you “sell” an idea without losing your credibility? Homework will be assigned, to be discussed during session II, that will help students apply marketing concepts to further their own scientific careers.

Session II. Talks, Figures, Proposals (90 minutes):

The old cliché is that your science talk should “tell a story”.  But what does that really mean?  We will review presentation skill basics, like making readable slides, avoiding verbal tics, and using a varied tone. Then we will go beyond these into new techniques informed by recent advances in neuromarketing—visualizing a scientific talk as an opportunity for branding.  Students will develop three kinds of figures they will be able to use over and over in talks and proposals and practice handling question and answer (Q&A) sessions. We will discuss a formula for scientific presentations based on the Star Wars movies that provides an engaging story arc, while painting the presenter as the hero.