Land Processes and Carbon Feedbacks in the Earth System Models

The course starts with introduction into main biological andbiophysical processes: photosynthesis, land surface hydrology andbiophysics, carbon cycle, and plant ecology. The main focus isgiven on current state-of-the-art in modeling of these processeswithin Earth System models. Examples of topics include modelingof landuse effects on terrestrial ecosystem and biogeochemistry;modeling of vegetation dynamics under changed climate;assessment of feedbacks between terrestrial ecosystems andcli mate on mult iple spatial and temporal scales. Biogeophysicaland biogeochemical effects of land cover and landuse change areanalyzed.


Students have theoretical knowledge and practical skill s interrestrial ecosystem modeling and feedbacks between vegetationand climate and understand and are able to util ize terrestrialbiosphere models used for future climate projections.

Recommended prerequisites

Basic knowledge of biological processes; basic skill s inprogramming on Python, R, or MatLab for solving simpleequili brium or dynamical system equations.

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