Earth System Modeling School EaSyMS

The Earth System Modeling School (EaSyMS) usually takes place at the Geomatikum building on the KlimaCampus in Hamburg. Specifics will be announced soon.

In a series of lectures the school introduces to the major Earth system components (atmosphere, ocean, land, carbon cycle) and how they are represented in MPI-ESM (MPI Earth System model). Supervised by experts from MPI, students perform MPIESM simulation experiments on a main frame computer and analyze these experiments in small groups during the week. With this blend of theory and practice the schools aims at an improved understanding of global interactions in the Earth System relevant for understanding climate change.

The school primarily addresses to IMPRS-ESM PhD candidates though all PhD candidates, early-career scientists (post docs) and professionals working on Earth system modeling topics are welcome to apply. Applicants are expected to be:

✦Highly interested in climate/Earth system research (e.g. a field or scientific question to which configurations of the MPI-ESM apply)
✦Acquainted to high level programming languages like Fortran, C, or C++ (preferably the participant should have some programming experience of model codes)
✦Familiar with LINUX / Unix (basic knowledge of Unix systems, and scripts)
✦Proficient in English as a working language

Application & Registration:
Please register (IMPRS-ESM PhD candidates) or informally request admission (all others) by sending an email to the IMPRS-ESM office until 30 September 2021. Your E-mail should include your CV and a brief statement (max. 0.5 pages) to inform us about your motivation to apply.
There are no registration fees. Travel and accommodation expenses are to the participants.

Registration: extended
Final admission until mid October 2021

Preliminary agenda EaSyMS 2021

IMPRS-ESM office:
office.imprs@we dont want
Tel.: 040 41173 467

MPI für Meteorologie
17th Floor, Seminar Rooms
Bundesstraße 55
D-20146 Hamburg

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