Observations, Analysis and Synthesis

The overarching goal of the group “Observations, Analysis and Synthesis” is to actively participate in the collection of measurement data in remote ocean areas to improve our understanding of the Earth System. Our aim is to find solutions to better monitor and understand data sparse and undersampled ocean regions. Using novel analysis methods (e.g., neural networks) we investigate variations in the marine carbon cycle and provide new observational constraints to the scientific community.


Since 2018, the group “Observations, Analysis and Synthesis” collects a substantial number of underway measurements of the sea-surface partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) from sailboats during round-the-world racing events. It is used to calculate the CO2 fluxes between air and sea. The collaboration with skippers and their teams led to the collection of valuable physical and biogeochemical data within the oceans’ most remote major basin, i.e., the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean comprises the largest marine carbon sink, however, data availability is limited and processes driving the natural variations in the ocean carbon sink area are largely unknown. Sailboats provide the opportunity to fill the void in the sea-surface pCO2 observational network and are therefore further explored as novel observing platforms.

The group also collects field data on-board of research vessels and performs laboratory experiments. Over the last years we have been involved in various international and interdisciplinary projects, field campaigns and instrumentational testing. By collaborating with scientists from around the globe, we have an extensive exchange of knowledge and expertise which thrives our work and makes our research of the ocean all the more exciting.


The observational network of high-resolution measurements of the sea-surface partial pressure of CO2 aboard sailboats and research vessels offers the opportunity to study (sub-)mesoscale variations in the air–sea CO2 uptake.

Using the observational network, we:

  • identify boundaries, where thermal drivers dominate over biological, chemical and physical drivers of the sea-surface pCO2 and how these boundaries shift in time.

  • investigate mesoscale variability such as the Agulhas leakage or the North Brazilian rings.

  • quantify the CO2 drawdown through local algal blooms, causing short-term fluctuations in the sea surface pCO2.

  • identify large changes in the sea surface pCO2 caused by frontal zones, i.e. transition zones between different water masses.

The group aims to provide essential process understanding to improve the next generation of high-resolution ocean models.


The OAS group combines, extrapolates and interprets various observations of the Earth system from satellite data through shipboard data and data from autonomous sampling devices. Through data synthesis, our aim is to improve our understanding of the processes driving the exchange of carbon and heat in the global ocean and their impact on climate-relevant timescales. The group uses a wide variety of tools from classical statistical analysis through data mining and artificial neural networks to synergize all available in-situ information and provide new constraints to evaluate Earth system models and improve future projections and short-term predictions.

While one focus is on the global ocean, the group further sets focus on ocean regions, such as the Southern Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the coastal ocean, where data are sparse and novel techniques are required to meaningfully interpret the available observations

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