Temporary accommodation

Hotels for short-term stays

If you are staying in Hamburg for only a couple of days, the best option probably is to make a reservation at a nearby hotel. With some hotels in our immediate vicinity we have arranged special conditions. For details please have a look at our hotel list or check out Hadleys Bed & Breakfast which is just around the corner of MPI-M.


Finding temporary accommodation (mostly furnished)

Sometimes it can be very difficult to look for long-term accommodation from outside Hamburg. Being far away you may miss the official appointments to see the room or flat you are interested in. Moreover, landlords often want to meet the "future tenant" in person before signing a rental contract. These obstacles may make it difficult to find suitable accommodation from afar. Thus, it might be a good idea to focus on temporary accommodation for the first weeks or months after your arrival and start looking for a long-term place to stay once you are in Hamburg (see hints below). This will give you the chance to get to know your preferred quarters in Hamburg and to make yourself familiar with the procedure of searching and applying for flats.

Please be aware that accommodation in Hamburg is pricey and that it takes time to find a nice and affordable place for rent. Therefore please start looking for accommodation well in advance! If you need help in this respect please contact us. 


Furnished apartments (sorted by distance to MPI-M):


 Housing agencies


For students (other addresses available upon request)


Shared flats / rooms in private homes

Furthermore, the IO has access to a small pool of private landlords who let rooms in their own apartment or house (usually you will share the kitchen and bathroom with the landlord or landlady). If you are interested in this kind of accommodation please let us know so that we can check availability for you.

www.wg-gesucht.de is also a good tool for looking for shared flats (so-called WGs).


Long-term accommodation (mostly unfurnished)

How to find an apartment

You find rooms and apartments for rent advertised on bulletin boards on campus, in local daily newspapers (Wednesdays and Saturdays in the „Hamburger Abendblatt“; newspapers distributed in individual city quarters) or on the internet. Or you can place an advert yourself. Useful search engines are:



Further general information on accommodation, rental charges, deposits and translations of the most common abbreviations used in ads can be found Initiates file downloadin this guide (page 22).


Finally, just a small remark: please note that we do not accept any responsibility for the quality of accommodation offered here nor do we support any of the websites mentioned above. We consider them to be a useful source of information for your search.