Corona Task Force

Members of the Task Force
Email: krisenstab@we dont want
DirectorsProf Dr Jochem Marotzke (GD, OES)
Prof Dr Martin Claußen (LES)
Prof Dr Bjorn Stevens (AES)
Research CoordinatorDr Ulrike Kirchner
Head of AdministrationReiner Letscher
Head of IT (CIS)Rainer Weigle
Head of CommunicationsDr Annette Kirk
Coordinator of IMPRSDr Antje Weitz
Chairperson of the Works CouncilVeronika Gayler
Safety officerFriedhelm Jansen
Further, depending on the necessity of the situation, it may also be consulted
Deputy heads of the scientific departmentsProf Dr Jin-Song von Storch (OES)
Prof Dr Victor Brovkin (LES)
Dr Hauke Schmidt (AES)
Heads of the administrative departmentsAndrea Franke (Personnel)
Olga Palienko (Accounting)
Henning Hosenberg (Purchasing, Procurement)
Chenbo Guo (Third-party funding)
Company physicianKlaus Jumpertz