User accounts at MPI-M

In this section you find all information about user accounts. This includes:

This information is primarily directed at group leaders since they are responsible for the accounts of their group members. Please notice the regulations for use of the IT facilities.

If there is a new application for a colleague who already has an account please pay attention to the information about double accounts.

Apply for a new account

The administration will initiate the setup for a new account after the signing of the contract with the new employee.

For users who are not employed at the MPI but still need an account the form for external employees at the MPI has to be completed and forwarded to the administration.

In both cases there is no need for a separate application at CIS.

After the account has been created the account information can be retrieved at the "Geschäftszimmer" in room BU103 by the user or group leader.

Important: To ensure that an account is set up in time it is necessary to inform the administration about the new user not less than two weeks before start of work.

Apply for a guest account

If you have a guest for a certain duration who needs access to the MPI-M systems and/or an email address "" the procedure is the same as applying for a new account. For the application the form for external employees at the MPI is required.

According to the regulations a guest account requires an expiration date. A guest account is valid for at most one year. After that the account has to be extended if it is still needed.

After the account has been created the account information can be retrieved at the "Geschäftszimmer" in room BU103 by the user or group leader.

Extending or modifying an account

The expiration dates noted during the application apply for all contracts (work contracts, guest contracts, concession agreements). If an account is about to expire you will be contacted by the administration and possibly asked for an extension.

For the extension or other modifications - like department/group changes of a colleague - please fill out the form Mitteilung an die Verwaltung bei Neueinstellungen oder Vertragsverlängerungen (only available in German) and hand it to the administration.

Retirement of an employee - account deletion

If the employee leaves or if the contract expires the usage right expires and the account will be locked.

The emails can be forwarded for a maximum transition period of three months; accessing data will not be possible. In order to receive mails during the transition period the employee has to set up a email forwarding rule in the Outlook Web App (OWA). GWDG provides an instruction page for this task. 

After the transition time the account including all data will be deleted. Please backup important data before the account expires!

If it is necessary for the retired colleague to stay as a guest at the MPI-M please apply for a guest account at the administration.

Double accounts

Due to the separation of IT services from MPI-M and the CEN institutes there may be cases of account doubling.

This is the case when:

  • a user has a contract/guest status with the MPI-M as well as with one of the CEN institutes
  • a user already has a student account at CEN and now starts working for the MPI-M

In this cases the user will get a new MPI-M account in addition to his/her CEN account. Please bare in mind that only the MPI-M account is authorized for the MPI-M resources (Intranet, Email, MPI-M projects at the DKRZ).