How to proceed

  1. Please fill in all required *) fields.
  2. Upload the poster in PDF format.
  3. Please give additional information on how to proceed or special requirements in the field ‚Comments‘.
  4. Click on "Submit" to send the form and confirm your data with a click on "Next" or use "Previous" for corrections.
  5. You will receive an automatic reply from with a summary of your information.
  6. For further communication please reply to that mail.
  7. As soon as the plot is ready for pick up we will inform you via mail.
  8. You will find your output in a wallbox next to room d0017 in the DKRZ building, Bundesstr. 45a.
  • A single submission of your poster is sufficient. If it is not printable we will contact you.
  • Even with the high speed of the plotter it is highly recommended to send your poster in good time, i.e. if you need your poster for a fixed date be sure to plot it some days before the deadline. This is far more important if a conference is imminent.


Plot Posters
Filetype: PDF
Filesize: Max. 30MB