Reconciliation of work and family

It is a big concern of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology to provide a setting where occupation and private life can be combined in a way that serves both, the employer and the employee. Thus, the institute offers different measure:

Parent-and-child Office
The parent-and-child office is located in room 001 (ground floor) in the Bundesstraße 53. It provides a fully equipped workspace for short-term usage by the employee in urgent cases when the usual child-care is cancelled (e.g., illness of baby minder). It can also be used as a nursing room and recreation room for expectant mothers. The parent-and-child office can be used by all members of the MPI-M and all members of the institute of oceanography. It stands also open for guest researchers.  

Nursing Room
Beside the Parent-and-child office there is a nursing room on the 17th floor of the Geomatikum (room 1724).

Child Care
On behalf of the Max Planck Society, the Opens external link in current windowpme Familienservice supports members of the MPI-M in terms of child and elder care. PME offers advice by qualified personnel on any issue related to child care for children up to the age of 14 years. PME also provides help with home and elder care. The costs for consulting services are taken by the Max Planck society, all other costs must be taken by the employee. More information and the necessary forms are to be found in the internal pages.

Contract Extensions in case of Maternity and Parental Leave
In some cases, the project has already ended when employees return from maternity or parental leave. Some projects have in this case a "kostenneutrale Verlängerung" (= project money is payed out even after the project end), but this is not necessarily the case. To prevent such cases where parents would be left with no salary, the MPI-M decided to take over the salary for a certain amount of time. This is a voluntary action by the MPI-M and cannot be claimed. However, the MPI-M tries to cover the salary from its own budget in cases where no project money is available.