The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) relies on scientific expertise, creativity and passion. Employees are supported irrespective of their sex, nationality, religion, disability, age, culture, and sexual identity. Their diversity is the basis of the top level research at MPI-M. Regarding equal opportunities, the institute focuses on the reconciliation of family and work.

Equal Opportunities Officers
There are currently three Equal Opportunity Officers at the MPI-M: Andrea SchneidereitDian Putrasahan and Hongmei Li .

Their duties:
"The Equal Opportunities Officer has the duty to promote and monitor equal opportunities for women and men and to eliminate existing and prevent future sex discrimination in the facility. She is involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures relating to equality between men and women, the reconciliation of family life and work as well as protection from sexual harassment at the workplace. She also provides advice and support on these issues to individual employees." (Excerpt from Policy Governing Equal Opportunities for Women and Men at the Max Planck Society)

A newly Gender Equality Plan (GEP) has been in place at the MPI-M since 31 March 2021. This is available on the internal pages. 

Code of Conduct of the Max Planck Society, Protection against sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence  >>> pdf