Dirk Notz takes on professorship at Universität Hamburg

Photo: © Torsten Heller, AF Expeditionen

Dr Dirk Notz, group leader in the department “The Ocean in the Earth System” at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), has accepted a professorship at the Institute of Oceanography at the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, Universität Hamburg, as of 1st  September 2019. Dirk Notz will not leave MPI-M entirely, he will continue to supervise his group “The Sea Ice in the Earth System” and lead the ice laboratory at MPI-M.

Dirk Notz studied Meteorology at Universität Hamburg and the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, as well as Arctic Geophysics at the University Centre in Svalbard, Norway. He received his doctorate in 2005 with a thesis on „Thermodynamic and Fluid-Dynamical Processes in Sea Ice“ at the University of Cambridge, England. Afterwards, he joined MPI-M as a Gary-Comer-Fellow for Abrupt Climate Change. Since 2008, he was then leading the independent Max Planck Research Group “The Sea Ice in the Earth System” that worked towards a better understanding of sea-ice evolution within the changing climate. In 2017 this group became part of the department “The Ocean in the Earth System”. Dirk Notz also was guest professor for Physical Oceanography at the University Centre in Svalbard from 2014 to 2017. As a lead author, he will make a major contribution to the IPCC's 2021 Assessment Report.

His field of research is the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. At MPI-M, he investigated ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions and linked findings from coupled climate models, conceptual modelling and satellite measurements. This work has led to a much better understanding of the large-scale evolution of Arctic sea ice in recent years. In addition to modelling, Dirk Notz and his research group carried out measurements on the salinity development of sea ice and its optical properties in MPI-M´s ice laboratory and in the field both in the Arctic and in the Antarctic. They investigated not only properties of the ice-ocean boundary layer but also meltwater flows in sea ice. For this purpose he also developed his own measuring techniques.

Dirk Notz will work as a professor at the University of Hamburg from September 2019. There, he will continue to exploit the combined insight from models and observations to gain deep insights into the polar regions of our planet. Within the cluster of excellence CliCCS, Dirk Notz will in the future also focus on biogeochemical cycles in the Arctic. He will lead a corresponding subproject together with colleagues from MPI-M and Universität Hamburg. Dirk Notz: “I am really looking forward to the new challenges at Universität Hamburg, but staying in Hamburg has the added advantage that I will be able to keep close contact with colleagues at MPI-M which of course I look forward to.”

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