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We regularly publish news from our diverse research fields, present new groups and scientists at MPI-M and comment on current scientific issues. Previously published:

CLICCS – A cluster of excellence for climate research – Which climate futures are possible and which are plausible? (July 2020) pdf

Mourning for Reimar Lüst (April 2020) pdf

DYAMOND – Next Generation Climate Models (March 2020) pdf

EUREC4A—an international field study to test hypothesized cloud controlling factors influencing weather and climate (January 2020) pdf

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Grand Ensemble – an instrument for studying the internal variability of the climate system (December 2019) pdf

Large-scale projects at MPI-M: co-operations advance climate research September 2019) pdf

Ocean modelling at MPI-M – from LSG to ICON-O (June 2019) pdf

Conceptual modeling at MPI-M (January 2019) pdf

The MPI-M as a host for postdoctoral fellows (November 2018) pdf

Current research at MPI-M on 1.5°C target (June 2018) pdf

Project Retrograde - imagine Earth rotated in the opposite direction (March 2018) pdf

Pre-EUREC4A – a virtual campaign sets the stage for future field study (February 2018) pdf

ICON-ESM — MPI-M´s next-generation Earth system model (November 2017) pdf

Turbulent paradox beneath the ice (October 2017) pdf

Development of a high-resolution Earth System model and its application in CMIP6 (August 2017) pdf

Multiple stable states of vegetation (June 2017) pdf

Forest and climate - potentials and side effects of future reforestation (May 2017) pdf

Can Arctic winter sea-ice disappear abruptly? (March 2017) pdf

Internal tides simulated with high-resolution global ocean model under realistic conditions (January 2017) Initiates file downloadpdf

WCRP Grand Challenge: Carbon feedbacks in the climate system (November 2016) Initiates file downloadpdf

Back to the future: the PalMod project (October 2016) Initiates file downloadpdf

Do clouds make the wind blow? Airborne investigations of the interplay between clouds and circulation (August 2016) Initiates file downloadpdf

Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity - A Practical Measure for Climate Change and a Grand Scientific Challenge (May 2016) Initiates file downloadpdf

The influence of clouds on the long-term habitability of Earth-like planets (March 2016) Initiates file downloadpdf

Challenges and motivations in developing the ICON atmosphere model (January 2016) Initiates file downloadpdf

Externally forced and internal variability in multi-decadal climate evolution (December 2015) Initiates file downloadpdf

High-Performance Computer "Mistral" at German Climate Computing Center (October 2015) Initiates file downloadpdf

Forest Management in the Earth System (August 2015) Initiates file downloadpdf

New study: Cooling by aerosols weaker and less uncertain (May 2015) Initiates file downloadpdf

Coupled ice sheet-climate modeling (March 2015) Initiates file downloadpdf

The hiatus in global temperature trends: No systematic error in climate models (January 2015) Initiates file downloadpdf

Arctic amplification (November 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Clouds and Precipitation in the Climate System - HD(CP)2: The 100 Meter Bet (October 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Doctoral Programme at MPI-M (August 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Cloud research in the Hans-Ertel Centre Group (June 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Decadal climate predictions – a challenge (May 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Scientific Computing at MPI-M (March 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Research Aircraft HALO (January 2014) Initiates file downloadpdf

Plant diversity may affect climate-vegetation interaction (November 2013) Initiates file downloadpdf

New IPCC Assessment Report: Improved models, more accurate statements (September 2013) Initiates file download pdf

Small-Scale Turbulence in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (August 2013) Initiates file downloadpdf

The MPI-M mourns the passing of Ernst Maier-Reimer (July 2013) Initiates file downloadpdf

Water in the Atmosphere (June 2013) Initiates file downloadpdf

Ocean biogeochemistry in the framework of "climate engineering" (April 2013) Initiates file downloadpdf

Ninetieth birthday of Reimar Lüst - A life dedicated to science and research (March 2013) Initiates file download pdf


Phosphorus limitation reduces carbon sink in the future (February 2013) Initiates file download pdf


STORM – Development of a high resolution climate model (December 2012)
Initiates file downloadpdf

Delicate climate protection: Project „KlimaTeller“ (October 2012) Initiates file downloadpdf

New Earth system model of Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (August 2012) Initiates file downloadpdf

Greenhouse gases and solar radiation have asymmetric effects on climate (June 2012) Initiates file download pdf

Travelling in Time through Climate History: Climatologists look into the past to learn for the future (April 2012) Initiates file download pdf

From the Past into the Future: New Climate Simulations for Science and Society (February 2012) Initiates file download pdf

Initiates file downloadDownload: talk by Dr. Marco Giorgetta, 23 Feb 2012 (in German)

Multi-year prediction of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5 °N possible (January 2012) Initiates file download pdf

ICON - Developing a New Generation of Climate and Weather Forecasting Models (November 2011) Initiates file download pdf

Sea Ice: The Great Melt in the Arctic - Will the Arctic Ocean Soon Be Entirely Ice-free in Summer (September 2011)? Initiates file download pdf

Limited Climate Response of Very Large Volcanic Eruptions (June 2011) pdf

Sparkling Ideas in the new Emmy Noether Junior Research Group "Fire in the Earth System" (May 2011) pdf

Observing the Water Cycle from Space - Hamburg's Unique Satellite Climatology (March 2011) pdf

News from the past - climate simulations over the last 1200 years (December 2010) pdf

Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System: New Max Planck Research Group at MPI for Meteorology (September 2010) pdf

Which future emission pathway is required to limit global warming to no more than 2° C above pre-industrial levels? New model simulations performed at MPI for Meteorology (July 2010) pdf

Cloud measuring station on the Carribean island of Barbados is up and running (May 2010) pdf