Carbonate in the Ocean

In the ocean, both carbonate precipitation and carbonate dissolution take place. In calcite-undersaturated areas, carbonates cannot be formed and deposited. In carbonate-saturated areas, organisms can easily precipitate calcites, for example, to form shells. Generally, tropic shallow seas provide good conditions for the formation of carbonates (high omega values), whereas the deep sea is mostly calcite undersaturated (low omega values).
This visualization shows that so far only areas in the Pacific were significantly carbonate undersaturated. The visualization illustrates these areas in blue, they expand; from 2100 they are present all around the Antarctic and from 2200 also relatively near to the surface in the Atlantic and in the Arctic.

Scenario: RCP 8.5
Simulation period: 1950 - 2300
Model: Earth system model MPI-ESM
Resolution: LR