Geo- and Climate Science (Summary)

Challenges and motivations in developing the ICON atmosphere model


Giorgetta, Marco(1); Stevens, Bjorn(1); Dipankar, Anurag(1), Adamidis, Panos(2) (1): Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (2): The German Climate Computing Center


The Atmosphere in the Earth System (Bjorn Stevens)


The ICON atmosphere model is a new and unique model that allows the simulation of atmospheric circulations on the largest supercomputers on the scale of 100 m to the planetary scale due to the equations, discretization methods and software structure. It can also be coupled with an ocean model, turning it into an Earth system model. This opens up new horizons for the direct examination of the role of even small clouds in the climate system, with the possibility to further investigate the uncertainties of climate sensitivity. In the course of the first application within the HD(CP)2 project, Germany-wide cloud-resolving simulations were carried out and were successfully compared to new observations for the first time.