Claudia Timmreck successfully habilitated at Universität Hamburg

Claudia Timmreck, Photo © MPI-M

Claudia Timmreck, Photo © MPI-M

Dr Claudia Timmreck, scientist in the group “Middle and Upper Atmosphere” at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), was awarded her Habilitation (the highest qualification level in the German university system) on the 29th of January 2018.  

In her Habilitation Colloquium entitled:  “How good are large volcanic eruptions as an analog for solar geoengineering?”  Dr Timmreck explained the differences and similarities in processes and climate effects between large volcanic eruptions and the artificial enrichment of the stratospheric aerosol layer by the injection of sulfur gases/aerosols (stratospheric aerosol modification). This latter method is one of the most discussed methods for purposefully modifying our environment so as to influence the global climate – something called geoengineering.

Dr Timmreck’s research explores the climate impact of volcanoes on various time scales, something that was also a focus of her habilitation treatise. She is currently leading the CMIP6 activity Model Intercomparison Project on the climatic response to Volcanic forcing (VolMIP) and co-leads the WCRP/SPARC activity Stratospheric Sulfur and its Role in Climate (SSiRC). Within SSiRC, she coordinates the activity Volcano Response Plan after the next major eruption (VolRes) with Jean-Paul Vernier, NASA Langley, and an international comparison of global stratospheric aerosol models.

Dr Timmreck holds a degree in physics from Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany. She received her doctoral degree from the Universität Hamburg, based on research she performed at the MPI-M studying the formation and development of stratospheric aerosol with a special focus on the Pinatubo episode in 1997. Since then, she has been a scientist at MPI-M, leading a variety of studies on past climates, the effects of volcanisms, including the very successful institute Super Volcano project, also with short research stays at the Universität Hamburg, and as a guest researcher at the University of Helsinki.

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