Dr. Matthias Brueck


Email: Opens window for sending emailmatthias.brueck_at_mpimet.mpg.de

Phone: +49 40 41173 308 

Room: 408 


Now: Postdoctoral scientist and model expert user of the HD(CP)2 ICON-LEM physics and the model setup.

Before: PhD with Johannes Quaas on statistical cloud parameterizations in GCM (HD(CP)2 first phase). 


Working Group: Director's Research Group (AES) & Clouds and Convection

Department: The Atmosphere in the Earth System

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Current work:

High resolution subtropical Atlantic simulations in cooperation with Daniel Klocke (DWD)

Visualization click here or figure below


The convection resolving simulations with ICON over the tropical Atlantic accompanying the NARVAL-II campaign were successfully completed. In total 42 days were simulated, 37 consecutive days around NARVAL (26.07 to 31.08) with a resolution of 2.5 km and a nested domain with 1.2 km over the western part of the domain.

These synoptic realistic simulations feature emergent phenomena in unprecedented detail, ranging from cold-pools of small cumuli, interacting squall lines of deep convection to hurricanes evolving from breaking easterly waves.

Follow the link and explore the visualizations of each modeling day, or scroll to the bottom and see the formation of hurricane Fiona and Gaston.

We are currently processing the data and working on a data-distribution, but will make the data available to the scientific community in the coming months. Please contact us if you are interested in using the data.

We are looking forward to the exciting science which will come out of NARVAL and hope that the observation and modeling activities can benefit from each other to explorer an even larger spectrum of questions.

In the future these simulations will also be used as input to the large-eddy simulations with ICON, which will be performed within the HD(CP)2 project upstream of Barbados. 



Spiegel Online (8. Sep. 2016)


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