Global Vegetation Modelling

Most of the global land masses is covered with plants. Hence, vegetation plays an important role for the exchange of energy and matter between land and atmosphere. Especially because of the binding of CO2 during the process of photosynthesis, vegetation plays a major role for climate change, besides oceans and land ice.

To investigate the role of vegetation for the global climate in more detail, we developed the land and vegetation model JSBACH. Using this in global climate simulations we especially study the feedbacks between climate and the global carbon cycle.

Former group members

Su Young Cha
Philipp de Vrese (2016-2017)
Ingrid Engvall
Helge Gößling (2008-2012)
Pinhsin Hu (2017-2018)
Ute Karstens (2010-2015)
Katharina Kern (2009-2010,2012-2015)
Nophea Kim Phat (2002-2004)
Deike Kleberg
Wolfgang Knorr
Daniela Kracher (2010-2017)
Ludwig Lierhammer (2013-2015)
Andreas Miller
Caroline Narayan
Victoria Naipal (2012-2015)
Bikash Parida (2007-2011)
Olga Petrikova (2010-2013)
Julia Pongratz (2008-2010)
Rainer Schneck (2011-2013)
Karl-Georg Schnitzler
Katsumasa Tanaka