Director's Research Group

The Director's Research Group aims at understanding terrestrial biogeophysical feedback processes in the Earth's climate system. To this end, our research focusses on the questions of how the interaction between atmosphere, vegetation, land, and ocean has developed in the past and how this interaction causes accelerated changes into new climate and ecosystem states. These topics are addressed by considering palaeoclimate change and exploring possible changes in the future. In the list of group members below, typical questions which are tackled this group are given.

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Group members and research questions

  Questions (visit the personal web pages to learn more)
Jürgen BaderScientistHow did Holocene climate variability change?
Martin ClaussenDirectorIs the Sahara a tipping point?
Roberta D'AgostinoPostdocAre there any big shifts in the tropical belt?
Anne DallmeyerScientistHow and why did Holocene vegetation patterns change?
Pinhsin HuPhD candidateHow do plant traits evolve and interact with the climate?
Leonore JungandreasPhD candidateHow did Saharan land surface interact with deep convection?
Alexander LemburgPostdocThe Tropical Easterly Jet: passive or active agent?
Nora Farina SpechtPhD candidateHow did Saharan mega lakes and wetlands interact with vegetation and climate?
Josephine WongPhD candidateHow do climate, vegetation and the soil hydrology interact?
Sylvia HoustonAssistant