Cruise No. SO259-3 17.12.2017 - 09.01.2018: Collecting Atmospheric Reference data over Oceans across Latitudes CAROL

Arrival in Buenos Aires

After we had crossed the Atlantic aboard RV SONNE during the last three and a half weeks, we finally reached the harbor of Buenos Aires, in the morning of January the 9th. We woke up with the skyline of Buenos Aires appearing at the horizon, so we had breakfast very quickly and hurried up the stairs to the pile deck, to track the entering of the...

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Our first rain showers since leaving the dockyard

In terms of precipitation (other than dust) we were spared from bigger rainfalls the entire cruise. This was a bit disappointing for the shipmen’s who still had the cleaning of the dust covered decks in mind and longed for a refreshment. Even when crossing the convection path of the ITCZ near the equator only a few raindrops reached the ship.


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Under the Sun

It is always special to pass the latitude sun so that from one day to another the sun changes from a southern to a northern noon time location (and vice versa). Moreover, when passing near noon time at the sun’s latitude (assuming there are no clouds), the sun is unable to not create sideways shadow.

So in honor of this occasion the Carol...

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Insight into the heart of the ship- the engine room

For more than two and a half weeks we are now living on RV SONNE, a self-sufficient small town exploring the world’s oceans, with its own waste sorting and gasification system, its own wastewater treatment and its own power plant and ventilation system. Every day starts with switching on the light in the bathroom, taking a shower and a morning...

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Happy new Year!! - New Year’s Eve in the vastness of the Atlantic

In celebration of the day, it was time for a big barbecue this evening. Two big barbecues, created out of former steel drums, were set up outside in front of the hangar. Two volunteers shared the role of the grill master in the heat of the evening sun.

Inside the hangar, some volunteers had decorated the room. Balloons and streamers were arranged...

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Hitting the equator

We have finally reached the equator – the boundary between the northern and southern hemispheres at 0° North or 0° South (as you please). On December 29 at 22:15 ship time (that is 23:15 UTC) we crossed the equator near the 22W longitude.
The dust, that had surrounded us for the last days, slowly had given way to better visibility again as we...

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Exotic stowaways aboard RV SONNE

With the dust storm of the last days, more than just sediment particles seem to have been transported onto the decks of RV SONNE. The last days we came across some strange and exotic stowaways while walking around the ships decks: A giant grasshopper with a strange orange (dust-like) color and an unknown insect, with long legs yellow-black striped...

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Dusty days between Christmas and New Years Eve

December 25 was the last day of good visibility, although during the day aerosol gradually increased as a sign of things to come. Model forecasts had predicted a strengthening of easterly winds carrying significant loads of mineral dust from Sahara onto the Atlantic in the lower 2 km. And our ship was right heading into the thick of things. We...

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Christmas on board

Finally, the calendar says so: December 24. It is Christmas time aboard RV SONNE. Although we are all here away from home to fulfil our work, some space for (German) tradition had to be held up.
Already in the morning we were surprised by the stewards with a real and decorated Christmas tree in the canteen, which made it a bit easier for us to get...

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Deployment of the first ARGO-float

After passing the Canary Island the day before, it was finally time to deploy the first ARGO float. As soon the ship slowed from its regular 15 kn speed everyone was aware that we had reached our first station of this cruise. In front of interested onlookers from the crew, we tried to bring life into our first Argo-float.

Like instructed by...

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