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Title Speaker Date Chair
The Green Sahara High resolution simulations of the West African Monsoon during the mid Holocene Leonore Jungandreas 12.08.2019 Ann Kristin Naumann
Response of tropical precipitation to changes in SST: explicit vs parameterised convection Laura Paccini 05.08.2019 Leonore Jungandreas
If we know the large-scale state of the tropical atmosphere, what can we say about the cloudiness? Geet George 29.07.2019 Thibaut Dauhut
Explicit convection and kilometric circulations in climate models Thibaut Dauhut 22.07.2019 Marcus Klingebiel
Observed variability of shallow convection Hauke Schulz 15.07.2019 Laura Paccini
Is a linearized ozone scheme useful for climate simulations? Hauke Schmidt 08.07.2019 Stephanie Fiedler
TBD Marcus Klingebiel 01.07.2019 Hauke Schmidt
Reserved for Department Meeting Bjorn Stevens 24.06.2019 TBD
TBD TBD 17.06.2019 Marcus Klingebiel
Discussion on long wave absorption spectra Lukas Kluft 03.06.2019 Theresa Mieslinger
From microstates of shallow cumuli to macrostates of weather and climate Mirjana Sakradzija 27.05.2019 Maria Rugenstein
Large-Scale Circulation and Orography in Idealized Atmospheres Hartmut Borth 20.05.2019 Diego Jimenez
Satellite observations of marine shallow cumulus clouds Theresa Mieslinger 13.05.2019 Mirjana Sakradzija
TBD TBD 06.05.2019 TBD
TBD TBD 29.04.2019 TBD
Self-aggregation in real life? Julia Windmiller 15.04.2019 Christopher Moseley
Climate feedbacks in a 1D radiative-convective equilibrium model Lukas Kluft 01.04.2019 Julia Windmiller
Atmospheric Measurement over Oceans Stefan Kinne 25.03.2019 Lukas Kluft
Agung eruption 1963 - one or two eruptions, does it matter? Ulrike Niemeier 18.03.2019 Sally Dacie
Beyond convection and gravity waves: An example of the added value from kilometer-scale resolution in the extra-tropics. David Leutwyler 11.03.2019 Claudia Timmreck

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